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Management of production cycles

It's important to keep a detailed diary of your farm and everything that goes on in the day-to-day running of your farms. With G Avicole, you can record information on illnesses, mortality, veterinary visits and keep track of the history of each flock, even after the cycle has ended.

Gestion des cycles de productions
Gestions de stock Gavicole

Stock management

The stock management module enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of your stock. Your inventory. With advanced features such as stock level management inventory levels, order management and usage history, you can be sure that your that your farm always has the necessary quantities of products to meet your the needs of your subjects.

Sales management

Your sales staff won't have to worry about worry about anything. From your phone, record all your sales and generate personalized invoices for your customers. You can review your sales and reprint invoices as needed.
Gestion ventes gavicole togo
Gestion des clients & fournisseurs

Customer and supplier management

Manage all aspects of your supplier relationships. Efficiently manage orders, payments and receipts. You can also store and manage contact information for each supplier. This module enables you to improve the quality and transparency of your supplier relationships.

Account management

With this module, you can manage all your farm's financial accounts: cash, bank, mobile money, etc. Record your buying and selling operations directly in the relevant accounts.
Gestion des comptes Gavicole
Gestion des équipements gavicole

Equipment Management

Would you like to know everything about your farm's equipment: purchase date, amount, inventory number, location on your farm, movement history and status at a given moment? Don't worry, it's all taken care of.

Statistics and reports

G Avicole offers a wealth of statistical data to help you understand your production through various indicators such as growth rate, mortality rate, feed consumption, and so on. Thanks to this valuable information, you can anticipate decision-making and implement measures to improve your yield.
Statistiques et rapports Gavicole

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