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Account Management

With this module, manage all financial accounts of your farm: cash, bank, mobile money, etc. Record your purchase and sale transactions directly in the relevant accounts.

Record movements of your balances or transfer a portion from account A to account B, all while maintaining the history. You will no longer make mistakes with your finances.

Gavicole gestion comptes financiers ferme avicole

Equipment Management

Do you want to know everything about your farm's equipment: purchase date, amount, inventory number, location in your farm, movement history, and status at a given time? Don't worry, everything is taken care of.

The solution also integrates a multitude of features such as loss management, egg management, expense management, SMS and email notifications, etc. We invite you to a demonstration session to discover other features. 
Nous vous invitons à une séance de démonstration pour découvrir d’autres fonctionnalités 

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