Emerging trends revolutionizing the poultry industry: what breeders need to know

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Emerging trends revolutionizing the poultry industry: what breeders need to know

Poultry farming is currently undergoing a major transformation, driven by a combination of technological innovations, growing concern for animal welfare and the environment, and increasing demand for high-quality animal proteins. These factors are converging to shape new trends that are significantly revolutionizing the entire poultry industry. We take a detailed look at the major disruptions underway in this sector, offering an in-depth insight into the developments that are redefining poultry farming.

Growing demand for organic and free-range poultry

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin and well-being of the products they consume. This is reflected in a growing demand for organic and free-range poultry. Farmers wishing to meet this demand need to find out more about organic and free-range production standards and practices.

The arrival of high-tech poultry farms

Digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), are increasingly being used in the poultry industry. These technologies can help breeders improve productivity, health safety and efficiency on their farms.

Like connected sensors, herd management software and imaging to optimize and rationalize production.

Connected animal monitoring 

Sensors installed in hen houses enable real-time monitoring of key parameters: temperature, humidity, ventilation, as well as poultry behavior. Any anomaly triggers an alert for the farmer. This digital monitoring improves productivity, animal welfare and reduces mortality.

Decision-support software

Artificial intelligence solutions analyze the data collected from livestock to detect health risks, predict yields or generate ultra-personalized nutritional advice. This valuable information guideséleveur in its strategic choices.

The rise of plant-based alternatives

Driven by consumer concern for animal welfare and the environment, the market for plant-based meat alternatives and egg substitutes is growing by leaps and bounds. These animal-based alternatives are winning over even the most Flexitarian of eaters.

Generalized traceability of poultry products

Transparency regarding the origin and route of poultry products has become a crucial issue. To meet this consumer demand, traceability is now a matter of course at every stage, from breeding to distribution. 

Blockchain for unfalsifiable traceability

To certify the origin of products, more and more of the industry's manufacturers are adopting blockchain (information storage and transmission technology). This unfalsifiable digital traceability is an additional guarantee of quality appreciated by consumers.

The emergence of new products and services

The poultry industry is constantly evolving to meet changing consumer needs. New products and services, such as antibiotic-free poultry, nutrient-enriched poultry and ready-to-cook poultry, are appearing on the market. Farmers need to be aware of these innovations if they are to offer them to their customers.

Developing new feeds for poultry

Breeders are constantly looking for ways to improve the productivity and health of their flocks. They do this by investing in new poultry feeds, which are formulated to meet the specific needs of the animals.

New trends in poultry feed include :

  • The use of alternative protein sources, such as insects or algae
  • The inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics, which promote digestive health in animals
  • The use of bioactive nutrients, such as antioxidants, which help protect animals against disease

The poultry industry is undergoing radical change, driven by a host of innovations. Poultry farmers are at the forefront of this small-scale agricultural revolution. They need to quickly master the emerging technologies that are transforming their hen houses into ultra-connected poultry farms. After all, it is data and its advanced analysis that ensure competitiveness and profitability. Professionals who are at the cutting edge of these new flock management methods will be best positioned to meet the growing demand for quality poultry and total consumer transparency.

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